3D Printing Begins Proving Its Potential In Construction Area

Every new technology goes through a phase where its reputation is established by hype instead of results. Three-dimensional printing has not made the annual “Gartner Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies” report for several years, because it has established itself as a useful technology in many disciplines and industries. But if analysts were to take a closer look at 3D printing for construction, they might rewrite the list and place that particular application of the technology in the Trough of Disappointment.

Hype heightens expectations; disappointment comes when those expectations go unmet. Today, no large-scale building projects are using giant 3D printers to lay down floor after floor, unattended and without error. No general contractor is using 3D printing on a routine basis to place a house frame on a lot in a day. But behind most technologies that fall from the Peak of Inflated Expectations into the Trough, there is an original notion that carries enough residual energy to eventually lift the idea out of the Disappointment phase, up the Slope of Enlightenment, and then to Gartner’s final phase, the Plateau of Productivity.

3D Printing Begins Proving Its Potential for Construction, Like 3D UV Floor Printer. It Widely used in Construction filed. Print Parking Space, Print 3D Photo on Shopping Mall. Print 3D Photo in The Room Floor. Hotels, Schools, Street, ect.

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