How to find a suitable wall printer?

1. Water based vertical 3D wall printer


A, Only printer CMYK 4 color, and print only on white wall.

B, Color can keep indoor 1-3 years. Easy effect by other liquor.

C, Price is the cheapest.

D, The print head not easy be blocked, have longer working life than UV ink head.

E, Print quality is good. Because the water ink is very liquidity.

2. UV ink vertical 3D wall printer

A, CMYK UV ink wall printer,


Print only on white background materials.

B, CMYKW UV ink wall printer

1) DX10 Double head wall printer

2) DX7 Double head wall printer

3) DX7 single head wall printer


A, Can print on all color background, all vertical materials. Like green wall, black wall, blue wall, ect. Can print on wood wall, glass wall, metal wall, ceramic wall, ect.

B, Color keeper longer than water ink, indoor 3-15 year.

C, Price higher than water ink wall printer.

D, More widely used than water ink wall printer.

E, DX7 print head is the best quality print head for wall printing machine, print quality reach photo quality. DX10 print faster than DX7.

F, DX7 double head print faster than DX7 single head machine.

G, DX10 price lower than DX7, DX7 head have longer print life than DX10, and print better quality than DX10

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